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A Rebecca Moment…

A Rebecca moment: Rebecca is pushing me to share with you because many people are feeling her presence, or the absence left behind, and needing their own validation. It’s important to share your own stories, experiences and validations with others who know so you may keep her energy alive within you. It may be challenging at times to share but …

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Article on animal sensitivities to energy

Animals are very sensitive and energetically intuitive beings. During many of my animal communication sessions the animals are taking on the energy of the environment, their human and animal friends physical and emotional issues, which creates a bigger problem for all concerned. Therapy animals are extremely sensitive and tend to take in all of that and it builds and builds …

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Signs all around

17! Yes, 17 Hawks I saw today and one crane who flew directly above me. Ok… I’m paying attention! I had 3 errands to run today. I saw 10 Hawks on my 1st drive, 1 more while in the store, 3 on way to 2nd, 3 more on 3rd stop then crane flew over me after I finished my 3rd …

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Thank you instead of I’m sorry

I read a fantastic article in the Huffington Post that I feel is extremely important to share, especially for women. We’re so busy apologizing for every little thing that it is important to start being comfortable about being in our emotions. A great article! Enjoy

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John of God in New York

I had an absolutely amazing and spiritually amazing healing experience in Brazil a few months ago. I wanted to share that you don’t have to go to Brazil to visit John of God. He’ll be in New York in October at the Omega Institute. Here’s the link to learn more…

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