Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2017’

Animals showing pain

I receive a lot of insight from the animal companions about how much pain they are in and new patterns and behaviors they create to let their people know they’re uncomfortable. A lot of animals that are aging or in the throws of a disease show me how much more they’re beginning to pace to get comfortable or pace to …

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Taking time to rebalance

Hello my friend! Happy spring and all the goodness abound! I have been going through an amazing internal process since my return from Brazil with John of God. I’m feeling, sensing, and experiencing all different and powerful kind of things. My gifts are growing and evolving so I’m learning how to harness them as well. Exciting! Through much prayer and …

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Animals are very sentient beings

I am very honored to have written an article for FETCH magazine for the spring issue. It comes up a lot and I wanted to share more about it, especially with therapy animals; including all animals, dogs, cats, birds, horses etc… They needed to be cleared BEFORE and AFTER the therapy sessions. That’s very important! Read more below. Located on …

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