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Animals showing pain

I receive a lot of insight from the animal companions about how much pain they are in and new patterns and behaviors they create to let their people know they’re uncomfortable. A lot of animals that are aging or in the throws of a disease show me how much more they’re beginning to pace to get comfortable or pace to …

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Taking time to rebalance

Hello my friend! Happy spring and all the goodness abound! I have been going through an amazing internal process since my return from Brazil with John of God. I’m feeling, sensing, and experiencing all different and powerful kind of things. My gifts are growing and evolving so I’m learning how to harness them as well. Exciting! Through much prayer and …

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Options For An Appointment With Stacy

Here are a few things to think about…  20 mins, half hr or hr appt? the investment is $65 for 20 minutes, $85 for a half hr, and $150 for the full hour. You can read more about it here We could do this several ways: 1)  a phone consultation where you email me photos of your human and animal household with …

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Envision Your Life Workshop

This powerful and uplifting class comes at the perfect time of the year to begin to see, feel, and envision 2015 but your ‘WHOLE’ life! Now that’s powerful.  This workshop includes affirmations, mantras, vision boards, and a meditation to seal the day with the cherry on top of all the hard work being created. Do you even know what your …

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Crystals 20

Protection Workshop

Does your child having problems sleeping?  Do you feel wiped out after work or after a conversation with someone?  Are you very sensitive and empathetic and pick up other people’s energy or ailments?  Do you feel like you have some unwanted energy in your home that you need helping get rid of?  Is one of your animal companion super sensitive, anxious, skittish …

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