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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word that means “spiritual energy” and is an energy therapy system that uses a form of hands on healing. It is a simple and gentle transference of universal life force energy that permeates everything. Some refer to it as chi, ki, prana, love or light energy. There is a growing body of scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of Reiki.

Stacy doing energy work on a four legged friend.

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive approach to health and healing. With only a light or near-body touch, Reiki practitioners help clear, energize and balance the human energy system within and surrounding the body. It is highly effective for people and animals of all ages to help maintain all stages of health and to bring comfort and relief during an illness. Reiki is a complement to all conventional health modalities. It works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of the body.

Stacy has also learned other energy healing modalities such as chelation, blocks and ins, lines of light, hara line healing and many others. All energy work assists in releasing anxiety, supporting the immune system, shortening recovery time, and restoring proper energy flow to the body. She will sometimes incorporate crystals and oils into the session as needed.

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