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Basic Animal Communication Class

May 26 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Have you ever known when your animal companion was happy, sad or afraid? Ever wonder how your dog knew you were going for a walk before you picked up the leash or said a word? How your cat knows when it times to go to the vet and suddenly hides? Or even when our pets seem to just know that we are sad or upset and come closer almost in an effort to “comfort” us. The feeling we get from them is more then just the obvious physical clues. Anyone who is fortunate enough to share their life with an animal companion has already experienced this “communication” at one time or another but just may not have been consciously aware of it.

This fun filled and empowering Basic Animal Communication class will help bring to the surface skills that any animal owner already has when communicating with their animal companion, but they’re just not consciously aware of.

This class includes discussion and practice of grounding and centering techniques so you become a better, clearer channel.

You’ll find out where your “feeling” center is so you may begin to consciously be aware of the communication you’re already receiving.

You’ll learn how to “send and receive” image with a partner telepathically.

Learn a few short exercises and a cleansing meditation to help you learn to explore these abilities and connect with your animal companions on a higher level.

You’ll also practice communicating with one another’s animals through pictures at the end of class.

Not only is it fun to learn how to communicate with your animal companion but it also helps build that bond between you and the animal kingdom that already exists.

**Please bring a single photo of ONE animal on regular paper or photo stock so students may hold them in their hands.**

Class runs from 10-4 p.m. and the investment is $150. A $50 deposit is required to reserve your space and you may reserve your space here

There will be water, coffee and munchies. We’ll take a lunch break as well.

See you then!