Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates


The perfect gift to give for the holiday season or a birthday treat. 20 minutes $55.00, 30 minutes is $75.00, and 60 minutes $120.00.

We could do this several ways:

1. You may notify them and they may contact me directly.

2. I may send the GC to you or mail it directly to them.

3. Print off your receipt and give that to them.

To purchase the Gift Certificate you may go to the “store button” then below that is the “gift certificate” button to click on. That will bring you to the page where you may type in the persons name for the record.

Please let me know you’re preference and we can go from there.

Either way you decide the GC must be paid through mywebsite first

Also, the GC expires in 6 months from the date.

Please let me know and we’ll go from there.

Thank you!