There is no better way to gain insight then word of mouth. Feel free to read what clients have to say about their own experiences with Stacy.

Very calm and patient, Stacy truly has a gift when it comes to animals. A dog that I had adopted from the human society 8 months prior was still having trouble adjusting to her new home. Stacy helped to communicate my dog’s needs to me and help her to feel at ease. Since then, my dog has become less anxious and is more able to trust me. We’ve also been able to finally house train her. Excellent work, and I would highly recommend Stacy.Bonnie L.

Stacy is the real deal. I wouldn’t have believed it until we experienced her animal communication skills first hand. She has assisted us more than once and we treasure knowing someone as honest as her.Paul D.

Stacy has been able to communicate with several of my passing dogs and has been able to communicate with passing loved ones in our family. We were in awe and tears during and after the sessions. Sometimes souls would pop in unexpected which was a wonderful journey also. I have taken the beginner animal communication class and was amazed how she taught us how we all have an “inner” sense of being able to communicate with our loved ones and we just have to listen and be aware. I will continue to recommend Stacy to everyone I feel deserves her expertise. Stacy is the real thing and we love her. You have a gift that keeps on giving!
Penny D.

Stacy is a very talented and gifted individual who makes you and your animal friends feel safe and comfortable. I’ve taken advantage of many of Stacy’s gifts, including animal communication, meditation classes, intuitive readings, Shamanic journeys and various classes. She’s amazing! She’s helped me understand my past and feel good about the future. Stacy’s communicated with my cats (and helped me communicate with them) to create a more peaceful household and better understand their needs. Her guided meditations have absolutely changed my life! I feel more grounded, protected and at peace as I’ve connected with my inner self and spirit guides. I’ve grown spiritually, lowered stress levels and feel healthier and safer as a result. I now meditate and use essential oils daily. I can’t Thank Stacy enough for all that she’s done for me spiritually and recommend her to everyone. Kami D.

I have known Stacy for 5 years. I have been attending her mediation classes she offers for three. I have to say that I get so much from her guided mediations. They are all unique, and everyone in class has a unique experience also. When we are in meditation we go deep and we work on a lot of great things that would benefit us all. When I come back I feel healed and inspired to do what I need to be doing it aligns me personally and it is a difficult experience to explain, but so worth talking about as it is by far the best guided mediation I have ever experienced. When there is a break in-between mediations it is like you have this longing to get back. It has been a pleasure always to be there and so glad I met Stacy 4 years ago I feel blessed to know her!Leslie C.

I can highly recommend Stacy as a medium, and animal communicator. She was more helpful to me after the lost of My 1st dog, best friend, than any counselor or therapist. I truly enjoy all readings with any spirits whom I ask to come forward or those who are around me and have something to say. Love her spirit!

Teri K

Stacy has an amazing gift that has touched so many people and animals. I’ve experienced myself and have seen first hand the intuitive guidance she provides to help assist you in your life. AMAZING!!! She is extremely accurate with her readings and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an Animal Communicator, Intuitive Reader & Healer. I’ve had the pleasure of taking Stacy’s Animal Communication classes and have been opened up to an entirely new world! I look forward to her classes in the future! I have had healing sessions, readings and she’s helped many of my family, friends and clients. I’m honored to have met Stacy and have her in my life.Tammi K.

I lost my boyfriend almost a year ago and Stacy had really opened up the door for my healing and was able to help me have unanswered questions answered. She is unbelievable in how she communicates with people who have passed and can give people a better understanding of the afterlife . I feel truly blessed for Stacy she has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. Death is a very hard and difficult process to understand but seeing Stacy and knowing her unique ability to help through the process has truly helped me in my grief process.
Brittany M.

I’ve done several Shamanic Journeys with Stacy, each one unique and helpful in my growth and understanding of myself,
both present and past. It has also helped me clarify and navigate my spiritual path. Stacy has helped me identify present roadblocks in my life, understand their purpose, intended lesson, and how to overcome those blocks by releasing the need for them. Her guidance on these journeys is positive reassuring and life changing in the greatest way.

I would recommend this to everyone. It’s an experience that’s better than any conventional therapy!Rebecca L. -RN

My dog and I started seeing Stacy about 2 years ago and have continued on a regular basis. Stacy has been invaluable to our well-being both emotionally and physically. My animals and I have a stronger relationship because of her. I have repeatedly recommended Stacy to friends and family for their own needs.

I have taken many of the classes Stacy offers. She teaches in a comfortable setting with a smaller number of students giving you a much more personal experience. I truly believe Stacy has changed myself and my animal companions lives for the better.
Alison F.

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