There is no better way to gain insight then word of mouth. Feel free to read what clients have to say about their own experiences with Stacy.

Stacy has the ability to connect with spirit and loved ones on the other side. My first reading with Stacy connected me with my deceased parents and left me standing in the shower crying for two days, not to mention, I had to sleep with the light on. This, the result of knowing beyond a doubt that it was truly my parents coming through and the beginning of my own personal enlightenment.

Since then, we have had many readings together and my journey has been nothing short of miraculous. At 48 years old, finally, I AM connected and at peace with myself and those around me. Thank you Stacy for being the catalyst and providing the foundation for my own spiritual awakening. Brian B.

Whenever I walk through a crowded mall, it is striking to feel so many souls, all of whom are moving about without connecting to anyone except family or friends. Souls are so isolated, but so eager and willing to open themselves up to any other soul who expresses interest or concern.

Animals have souls no less than their humans. Stacy’s readings help open all — humans, cats, dogs, birds — of our souls to each other, to understanding and love, and all are so much better off for it!
Fred L.

Stacy has been very helpful to me and my family for multiple situations. I have also recommended her to friends and family. She was able to tell me one of my sons food allergies that we did not think of. She spoke with my adopted greyhound to help me better understand his past and his fears. I also have a parrot I adopted from a local bird rescue. The parrot asked Stacy to ask me why I had changed her name- something I never mentioned to Stacy. The most unusual help came when I had a very large ant hill taking over a flower garden in my front yard. I did not want to kill them, but they were killing all of my flowers. The flower bed is 8 feet in diameter and the ant hill had grown to almost 4 feet around. Stacy was able to contact the queen ant who said they liked the area because there was an old stump underground they felt safe in. I never told Stacy we had cut down large evergreen shrubs there about ten years ago and I buried the stumps in the dirt for the flowerbed. The ants agreed to move if they were given time. A few weeks later the ant hill was deserted. I only recently found the new site under and along the fence, they had asked if they could move to the back yard and I said to please not pick another flower bed! I even took pictures it was so amazing. I am very grateful for Stacy sharing her gifts and kind assistance. Vicky M.

Stacy is a gifted intuitive for both animals and humans. She has diligently honed her craft with study and the willingness to work hard. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants an ethical and accurate reading.Diane Bloom, Owner – Free Spirit Crystals

Stacy is wonderful at communicating with animals and an intuitive reader. I would recommend her to anyone.Bonnie B.

Stacy is amazing and she’s helped us more than once. She’s an intuitive, a healer, and more. She told me Mitzy liked it when Michael sang to her. I was oblivious that Michael sang to Mitz…until Stacy mentioned it. And Mike does make up songs and sing to Mitzy all the time. We lost Mitzy in June.Anne W.

After the passing of our 9 year old English Mastiff Tigger, Ginger, our 5 year old female Bullmastiff went into a very severe state of depression.  She wasn’t eating, wasn’t making eye contact, was hiding under furniture and in the far back of her kennel.  She wasn’t even giving kisses, which is something she’s done since she was 4 weeks old.

After about three months I called Stacy for her help.  She helped me understand what Ginger was going through and what was bothering her.  She recommended that I talk with Ginger about some specific things.  I talked with Ginger and when I had finished, I told Ginger that I needed her back and needed her to give me a kiss if she understood and would be okay.  She looked at me with her sad eyes and gave me a kiss from chin to eyebrows.  Ginger has been fine since that day and thanks to Stacy, I’ve learned how to more effectively communicate with her.Shelly S.

Working with Stacy has helped me better understand the need of my precious pups.  She has given me information about my dogs’ cares, wishes, and needs that only my dogs and I would know.  As two of my dogs are very elderly and have severe health issues, she is helping me help them to make their later years the best as can be for them. She’s terrific!Carol Y.

Stacy was excellent when I used her as an animal communicator and she also helped me out with personal decisions. I feel I can call her at anytime for whatever reason and she would be there to help and advise me. She has helped me immensely and I would highly recommend her.Barb N.

I had a headache that literally lasted a couple of months. I tried massage, visits to the chiropractor, adjusting my diet, and of course a never-ending supply of advil. Nothing worked. Anyone who has experienced chronic pain knows that it really starts to wear you down after a while. Stacy offered to perform “Reiki” healing to get rid of the headache. I’m a very open-minded person, but I have to admit I was a little skeptical since I’d never heard of this before. However, at that point, I was willing to try anything.

Stacy worked magic. The next morning, I was tremendously better. There was physical proof that it worked. Not only that, but she was able to “see” a certain blocked energy around one of my feet. Again, I was skeptical. What did that have to do with anything? Not too long after that, an x-ray at my doctor’s office (for something unrelated) proved that I had a bone spur developing. I will never doubt her again. I would highly recommend her services and be happy to answer any detailed questions you might have. Thanks Stacy!Hannah M.

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