There is no better way to gain insight then word of mouth. Feel free to read what clients have to say about their own experiences with Stacy.

Stacy has great intuition for both animals & people. She’s excellent at evaluating what the situation is & what it requires to get better. I would hire her &/or work with her any time.Laura C.

One day Stacy came over to my house to communicate with my dogs and said she got a sudden, bad pain in her shoulder and asked me if I had an injury to my shoulder.  In fact, I had and was ignoring it thinking it was not serious, that I should just give it time.  Stacy suggested that I  see a doctor and two days later I went to an urgent care clinic and after an x-ray they told me, “I have a rotary cuff injury that I needed to get an MRI and possibly see a surgeon”.  So gradually I have consulted with Stacy as much for my own mental and physical health as for my dogs.  She is wise beyond her years.  I feel lucky to have gotten to know her.Margaret B.

I would recommend Stacy for all of your “out of the box” needs. She is very in tune with the person she is reading and professional.Tara B.

..before we moved to the US, I ( or better: my cats) have already worked with a renowned animal communicator in Germany( mostly to prepare them for the flights). I guess you could describe me more as a “doubting Thomas”, than a dedicated “New Ager” and so I was impressed by the results. With all our intercontinental moving especially my 15-year-old male developed a few unpleasant habits. I was very fortunate the day I met Stacy and after talking to her for a short moment, I knew, that she would be my new animal communicator ( Stacy, that cat-whisperer, as I call her). So far she “spoke” with my “Donald” twice and every time with outstanding and more importantly, immediate results. And to prove that this is neither coincidence, nor “charlatanry”: My cat “Donald” told her things, that she couldn’t possibly know under normal circumstances. Stacy is an extraordinary woman and I don’t have to think twice, if my cats have to be “talked” to, that I contact Stacy right away. Thank you for everything, my Dear!Irma G.

Stacy has done personal readings for for both my mother and myself.  She is extraordinarily intuitive and refreshingly accurate.  She is gentle in her delivery and supportive in her suggestions for change. Not only can she help you look at the “big picture” (see things as they may affect the people around you) but she easily guides you through your own heart and mind (so you can see your own responsibility for your life’s path).  She possesses a caring quality that extends beyond the initial reading.  She has been a huge support for me and my mother as we have made some major life transitions.  She has given me so much peace through the hard times and encouraged me to look forward to the good times.  I would go back to her again and again….and hope that we remain life-long friendsMichelle B.

Stacy is a wonderful person with a very postive personality.  We have shared many customers and they have all been pleased with the time they have spent with Stacy.  She has taught them the importance of animal communication in their life.  Stacy has had great influence on many lives including my own with one of her many wonderful gifts, animal communication.  She has visited Dawgs in Motion and our customers on more than one occasion and her return visits are greatly anticipated.Sue Richison, Owner – Dawgs in Motion

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